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Private and customized kayaking trip

Private and customized kayaking trip

One or multi-day
The Czarna Hańcza River and the Augustowski Canal 6 days

The Czarna Hańcza River and the Augustowski Canal 6 days

Organized Kayaking trip - dates, accommodation options, Poland
Through 3 countries in a kayak - 6 days, complex organized visafree

Through 3 countries in a kayak - 6 days, complex organized visafree

The kayaking trip - Poland Belarus Lithuania, accommodation options
Kayaking trip - Rospuda River  - 5 days, organized, dates

Kayaking trip - Rospuda River - 5 days, organized, dates

swift and surprising river
Bonding events, business meetings

Bonding events, business meetings

In the land of Yotvingian people, kayaking trips for companies
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Kayaking trip through 3 countries - Poland Belarus Lithuania 6 days

Kayaking trip through 3 countries - Poland Belarus Lithuania 6 days

Paddle with us through "The Water Gate to the East”, feel the climate of hospitable and unique Eastern Poland, visafree Belarus and attractive Lithuania. Within 6 days through 3 countries and 4 kayaking routes - 86 km.
The Czarna Hancza River – one of the most beautiful kayaking routes in Poland. The river meanders among the meadows and woods of the Augustów Primeval Forest. The river is wide with fast current and it creates gentle bends and turns.
The Augustow Canal – a unique water artery in world scale, an example of symbiosis of a technical monument and nature. It was constructed in order to link the Vistula River with the Neman River and the Latvian Baltic Sea Coast. The canal’s length is over 103 km, where 80 km is on Poland’s territory - 77.5 km is fully floatable. 
9 of 14 locks located on Polish territory remain very close to the original technical shape.
The cross-border region by the Augustów Canal is a place, where the borders of three countries meet.
The Neman River (Nemunas)  Lithuanian longest river - 937 km, surrounded by green meadows and forests, slow current. Small villages on the riverside, archaic houses and crosses at the crossroads.

The route is mildly easy, suitable for beginners but in good shape. The Czarna Hańcza River is quite wide with gentle turns and meanders. There is no need to carry the kayak on any part of the river. Current is rapid, but safe. On the Augustów Canal there is no current, no obstacles. The Neman - wide river with mild current, sometimes shallows.

Accommodation: preferred options – campsites or agrotourism and waterside hostel on the kayak route
Board:          HB – breakfasts, dinners or self-catering


SPBL1 | 23.06 - 28.06.2018  book
SPBL2 | 07.07 - 12.07.2018  book
SPBL3 | 21.07 - 26.07.2018  book
SPBL4 | 28.07 - 02.08.2018  book
SPBL5 | 04.08 - 09.08.2018  book
SPBL6 | 11.08 - 16.08.2018  book
SPBL7 | 18.08 - 23.08.2018  book


Day 1
Up to 11.00 - arrival at the SZOT Base in Augustów (how to find us)
In the SZOT Base, apart from the office, you can also find: kayak, canoe and bicycle rental, Villa Skomanda hotel (comfortable rooms), summer houses, playground, outdoor sauna, sheltered BBQ area with a campfire place, small pond, car park.
In the neighborhood, there is a large bakery, where you can conveniently do shopping before start your kayaking trip.

It is possible to arrive earlier or extend the stay with accommodation in Villa Skomanda hotel at the SZOT Base in Augustów. Required booking in advance.
Before you sit comfortably in your kayaks, there is a short briefing, where the safety rules, kayaking techniques and organizational matters will be discussed.

Transportation to the start point.
Kayaking trip: Frącki – Dworczysko   /13 km
Route - the Czarna Hańcza River.
Accommodation - agrotourism farm - rooms no bedding / campsite; toilets, outdoor shower

  Day 2
Kayaking trip: Dworczysko – Rudawka   /22 km
Route - the Czarna Hańcza River – 10 km and the Augustów Canal – 12 km; two locks: Tartak, Kudrynki.
Accommodation - agrotourism farm - rooms no bedding / campsite; toilets, outdoor shower

  Day 3
Kayaking trip: Rudawka – Niemnowo   /20 km
Passport check and custom clearance on a water border crossing on the Kurzyniec lock.
On a route - three locks: Kurzyniec /PL, Wołkuszek and Dąbrówka /BY.
Accommodation - waterside hostel - rooms no bedding / campsite; toilet, shower

  Day 4
Niemnowo – an optional excursion to Grodno available or rest day.
There are located the biggest lock on the Augustów Canal - 4-chamber lock Niemnowo with water level difference - 9,8 m and also there is museum of the Augustów Canal.
Night's accommodation. 
  Day 5
Kayaking trip: Niemnowo – Druskininkai   /31 km
Route - the Augustów Canal - 2 km, next the Neman River.
Passport check and custom clearance on a water border crossing on the Neman River.
Return transfer to Augustów.
Accommodation - summer houses / guest house / campsite in SZOT Base.

  Day 6
Possibility of sauna reservation or taking advantage of Augustów attractions.


579 PLN/person
STANDARD Option – campsite accommodation, self-catering
979 PLN/person            839 PLN / child under 12
STANDARD HB Option – campsite accommodation, board (breakfast, dinner)
1219 PLN/person        1069 PLN / child under 12
COMFORT Option – accommodation in agrotourism farms/waterside hostel /no bedding/ board (breakfast, dinner) 


  • seat in a double SZOT Comfort kayak with equipment (paddle, life jacket, soft seat) 
  • preferred accommodation
  • board (breakfast, dinner) – according to option, child under 12 - 1/2 portion
  • lifeguard /instructor care 
  • transportation of people and kayaks from Augustów to Frącki and from Druskininkai to the SZOT Base in Augustów
  • kayaker’s luggage transport on the Poland part of the route (2 days)
  • pass entitling to cross visa-free boarder
  • insurance in Poland (AXA, cover to 5000 PLN, NNW), Lithuania and Belarus (AXA, cover to: NNW 2000 Euro + KL 10000 Euro)
Car park for kayakers’ convenience – free of charge


  • lock fees on the Augustów Canal (3 on the route) - approx. 4,10 PLN/kayak/till 4 p.m. and approx. 8,20 PLN/kayak/after 4 p.m.
  • lock fees in belarussian site (2 on the route) - approx. 1,5 euro/kayak
  • A guided trip to Grodno (from 9.30 a.m. till 5.00 p.m.) - approx. 100 PLN/person (depending on number of participants)
Program of tour of Grodno: New Castle, Old Castle, Soviet street, Zhiliber Park, Kalozha Church, Great Synagogue, Eliza Ozheshko museum, Church of Saint Francis Xavier, Church of the Holy Cross.
During sightseeing free time, also for dinner (not included in the price).
Entrance tickets in Grodno: approx. 5 euro/person.
  • SZOT Single kayak rental or kayaking on your own – 45 PLN
  • single Carolina kayak rental - 70 PLN
  • double Cruiser II / Vista / Horizon polythene kayak rental - 20 PLN/person
  • double igloo tent rental – 119 PLN/tour
  • extra payment for Single room / summer house – COMFORT option – 200 PLN/tour
  • foam mattress rental – 12 PLN/per tour
  • waterproof bag / barrel rental- 15 PLN/tour
  • in the SZOT office you can purchase: maps of kayak routes, waterproof case for your mobile phone, gloves, raincoats, sun-hats


  • min. 1 week before the trip, you should send via e-mail a scan passport (page with your photo) in order to obtain the mandatory permit for the visa-free border traffic.
  • The tour takes place with minimum amount of 14 participants.
  • Health state of the participants must enable participation in the kayaking trip. Children and teenagers can take part in the kayaking trip olny under the supervision of their parents or guardians.
  • Accomodation - COMFORT option (in tourist conditions): 2-4 people rooms in agrotourism houses / water hostel located on the kayak route, bathrooms. STANDARD option - campsites, toilets, showers, campfire places.
  • It is possible to arrive earlier or to extend the stay – accommodation in Villa Skomanda guest house at the SZOT Base. Required booking in advance. 
  • You should take: sleeping bag (accommodation does not include beddings), a tent and a  foam mattress (STANDARD option; you can rent it in PT SZOT also), sun-hat, light hiking shoes, swimsuit, suntan cream, warm clothes for the evening, raincoat and rain boots (just in case) and, of course GOOD MOOD! 
It is possible to organize an individual - private kayaking trip tailored to suit the group’s wishes. While choosing this option, it is you and your friends to decide about the route, date of your tour as well as about all the other services that you may require. 
Equipment rental prices you can find here.

Kayaking tours in Belarus - only with PT SZOT!

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