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Private and customized kayaking trip

Private and customized kayaking trip

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The Czarna Hańcza River and the Augustowski Canal 6 days

The Czarna Hańcza River and the Augustowski Canal 6 days

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Through 3 countries in a kayak - 6 days, complex organized visafree

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Kayaking trip - Rospuda River - 5 days, organized, dates

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Bonding events, business meetings

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The Augustow Canal – 1 Day – Poland - Belarus

The Augustow Canal – 1 Day – Poland-Belarus

Are you eager to see the Augustow Canal from the Belarusian side? Each summer Wednesday we invite you for a one-day kayaking trips. We provide you with comprehensive organization, together with visa and insurance. It is necessary to make a reservation in advance.
The Augustow Canal - a unique monument in Europe which is a perfect example of symbiosis of a technical object and nature. It was constructed in order to link the Vistula with the Neman and the Latvian Baltic Sea Coast in order to avoid paying duty for Prussia. The canal’s length is over 103 km, where 80 km is on Poland’s territory - 77.5 km is fully floatable.
9 of 14 locks located on Polish territory remain very close to the original technical shape.
The Canal is historically valuable due to its preservation, in spite of constant exploitation in the form of invariable waterline, way of water supply, location and fundamental structure of dams (locks and sluices). It is still possible to admire the job of lock operators who uplift penstocks with hand levers, then open gaps in lock-gates by which water fills a chamber until its level is equal with the level of higher-situated pond, afterwards they gape weighty wooden gaps by pushing long shafts with their arms. The procedure is nearly one and a half century old.
Since 1968 it was declared a monument of technology Class. The Canal is a unique object not only because of purely historical aspects, but also it perfectly fulfils tourist and recreational functions. It is because it combines territories of a charming landscape, overgrown with ripe forest stand of the Augustow Primeval Forest. It belongs to the longest artificial waterways in our country.


Each summer Wednesday – a reservation in advance is necessary (min. 10 days before). In case of organized groups- kayaking trip is possible at any time. 


Kudrynki Lock – Dąbrówka Lock – return – Kurzyniec Lock (24 km)
8 AM – departure from Augustow, return around 8 PM


169 PLN/ person


  • seat in a double SZOT Komfort or Voyager kayak with equipment (paddles, life jackets, soft waterproof seats)
  • transportation: Augustow – Kudrynki Lock, Rudawka – Augustow
  • lifeguard/instructor care
  • Belarusian tour-guide care
  • 4 lock fees
  • accident policy cover (AXA s.u. 2000 Euro) i KL (AXA s.u. 10 000 Euro)


  • trip is organized for min. 14 participants
  • participation in the trip should be declared min. 10 days earlier
  • in case of too little number of participants kayaking trip can be called off 7 days before planned date
  • Belarusian Visa is essential – guaranteed by PT SZOT
  • two passport and customs clearances on the way
  • on the way there are no food courts. A strop is made by Dąbrówka Lock; roofed spots, toilets and benches on the spot
  • it is possible to increase the amount of NNW and KL accident policy cover
  • you should take with you: a beverage and food, sun-hat, light hiking shoes, fingerless gloves (e.g. cycling gloves), raincoat, change of clothes and of course GOOD MOOD!
Car park for kayakres' convenience - free of charge.


  • Belarusian visa – 10 Euro/person (any formalities connected with obtaining visa are fixed by PT SZOT – necessary documents)
  • renting a professional waterproof kayak bag (55 l) – 5 PLN/day; purchase- 75 PLN/piece
  • additional payment for SZOT SINGLE or kayaking separately– 35 PLN
  • additional payment for double polythene kayak – 10 pln
  • in the office you can purchase: maps of kayak routes, gloves, raincoats, sun-hats, waterproof  case for your mobile phone, gloves, raincoats, sun-hats

We are a member
Polish Chamber of Tourism
We are a registered tourism operator - No. 17/00/04 issued by the Marshal 
of the Podlaskie Voivodeship. 
We also posses Tourist Organiser Insurance AXA TUiR S.A. 04.206.802.

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