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Private and customized kayaking trip

Private and customized kayaking trip

One or multi-day
The Czarna Hańcza River and the Augustowski Canal 6 days

The Czarna Hańcza River and the Augustowski Canal 6 days

Organized Kayaking trip - dates, accommodation options, Poland
Through 3 countries in a kayak - 6 days, complex organized visafree

Through 3 countries in a kayak - 6 days, complex organized visafree

The kayaking trip - Poland Belarus Lithuania, accommodation options
Kayaking trip - Rospuda River  - 5 days, organized, dates

Kayaking trip - Rospuda River - 5 days, organized, dates

swift and surprising river
Bonding events, business meetings

Bonding events, business meetings

In the land of Yotvingian people, kayaking trips for companies
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The Czarna Hancza River and Augustow Canal - 6 days kayaking, organized

The Czarna Hancza River and Augustow Canal - 6 days kayaking, organized

Discover the most beautiful the Czarna Hańcza River and fascinating Augustów Canal from a kayak. The kayaking trip complex organized, 6 days - 95 km. 2018 dates.
Spend your holidays with a paddle in your hand!
Beautiful, yet wild nature, charming villages, located on the riverbanks, friendly locals – isn’t it the setting of your dream vacation? 
It is all there, waiting to be discovered, while kayaking on the Czarna Hańcza River, meandering gently among forests of the Augustów Primeval Forest. Afterwards, the route leads you to the Augustów Canal with its historic, hand-operated locks and picturesque lakes.
We offer complete organization of the whole trip with various accommodation options, possibility to have delicious home food served on premises, luggage transfer and lifegurad care.
The kayaking route is easy, recommended for beginners and families with children. The river is quite wide with gentle turns and meanders. There is no need to carry the kayak on any part of the river. Current is rapid, but safe. 
Before starting your kayaking trip, short sightseeing of Post – Camaldolian Monastery in Wigry.
The most scenic and the most famous kayaking route in Poland!

Accommodation: options to choice – campsites or agrotourism and waterside hostels on the kayak route, Villa Skomanda hotel or summer houses in Augustów
Board:          HB – breakfasts, dinners 


SCzH1 |24.06-29.06.2018  book
SCzH2 |01.07-06.07.2018  book
SCzH3 |08.07-13.07.2018  book
SCzH4 |15.07-20.07.2018  book
SCzH5 |22.07-27.07.2018  book
SCzH6 |29.07-03.08.2018   book
SCzH7 |03.08-08.08.2018  book
SCzH8 |05.08-10.08.2018  book
SCzH9 |10.08-15.08.2018  book
SCzH10 |12.08-17.08.2018  book
SCzH11 |19.08-24.08.2018  book
SCzH12 |26.08-31.08.2018  book


     1st day
Up to 11.00 – arrival at the SZOT Base in Augustów (how to find us).
In the SZOT Base, apart from the office, you can also find: water equipment rental, Villa Skomanda hotel (comfortable rooms), summer houses, playground, outdoor sauna, sheltered BBQ area with a campfire place, small pond, car park.
In the neighborhood, there is a large bakery, where you can conveniently do shopping before you start your kayaking trip.

It is possible to arrive earlier or extend the stay with accommodation in Villa Skomanda hotel at the SZOT Base in Augustów. Required booking in advance.

To start, we set off to Wigry – a little village with a scenic view over Lake Wigry and the Postcamedulian Monastery, visited in 1999 by the Pope John II. The monastery is open for sightseeing and if you wish, a time for individual short sightseeing is planned. 
Before you sit comfortably in your kayaks, there is a short briefing, where the safety rules, kayaking techniques and organizational matters will be discussed.

Kayaking trip: Wigry – Maćkowa Ruda   /10 km
The trip starts on Wigry Lake, which belongs to the Wigierski National Park region. Next, there is a small Lake Postaw and finally, among high reeds, we reach the beginning of the meandering Czarna Hańcza River. Along the river banks, we will see plenty of small villages, sitting neatly on its sides. In this part of the river, there is quite a number of river arms and small islands overgrown with grass.
Accommodation - summer houses / campsite; toilets, outdoor shower / transfer to Augustów (to Villa Skomanda or summer houses SZOT)

     2nd day
Kayaking trip: Maćkowa Ruda – Frącki    /19 km
We begin with the wide part of the river with slow current and islands overgrown with reed, meadows and fields. Next comes a very interesting part with high, steep and wooded banks. As you enter this part, the current is quite rapid, however, it is still very safe and soon it changes back into a slower one. The river in this part has many arms, gentle turns, meanders and reeded backwaters. The scenery is simply majestic!
Today’s stop is in the Frącki village, where, not far from your accommodation, you will find a small shop and a waterside hostel with a bar. For the evening, a bonfire is planned.
Accommodation – summer houses / campsite; toilet and outdoor showers / transfer to Augustów

     3rd day
Kayaking trip: Frącki – Mikaszówka   /23 km
In this part of the route, the river flows slowly, mainly through the meadows of the Augustów Primeval Forest, leaving behind villages and its buildings. There are no obstacles on the way, as the river goes through a corridor of high grass and reeds. Next the river flows into the very middle of the Augustów Primeval Forest and meanders through marsh valley with wooded banks. The current in this part of the river is faster, yet safe, enabling easier kayaking. The river is winding; some fallen trees on the way, though it is easy to swim them round. At the end of this leg, the Augustow Canal starts, so you will have a chance to see and go through the first two locks, which are manually handled. It is definitely a huge attraction! This part of the trip finishes in Mikaszówka. A place worth visiting here is a wooden church built in sylvan style.
Accommodation – guest rooms, bathrooms / campsite; toilets, shower / transfer to Augustów

     4th day
Kayaking trip: Mikaszówka – Płaska   /13 km
The kayaking trip starts on the Augustow Canal and next we move on lakes, picturesquely situated in the Augustów Primeval Forest. There are three more locks on the way, one of them – the Paniewo lock is a double one, with its water levels difference reaching 6,40 meters!
Accommodation – guest rooms, bathrooms / campsite; toilet, shower / transfer to Augustów

     5th day
Kayaking trip: Płaska – Przewięź    /17 km
Waters of the Augustów Canal are calm and many of its bays are full of water birds and beavers, finding a safe place to stay in the river banks’ greenery. As you go by, on the right hand you will see the mouth of the Cicha Rzeczka River, that leads to the Serwy Lake. Next there is the longest, straight canal part, called the Czarnobrodzki Canal, hugged by ever green forests. There are two locks on the way.
Accommodation – summer houses with bathrooms / campsite; toilets, showers / transfer to Augustów

     6th day
Kayaking trip: Przewięź – Augustów   /12 km
The last part of the kayaking trip leads through majestic lakes. The Studzieniczna Lake is the first one, with another lock on the way - the Przewięź Lock; White Lake is the next one. There is a plenty of beaches with convenient places for swimming along the Canal sides. The Necko Lake and the White Lake are very attractive for sailing, as well as for motorboat sports.
Remember to stay close to the lake shore, because of the rule while being on the water: smaller boat moves over the bigger one. Additionally, there is a side wave on lakes and staying close to the shore makes kayaking easier.
The final stop is near SZOT base.


969 PLN/per person        839 PLN/child under 12
COMFORT Option - accommodation in agrotourism farms / waterside hostels - rooms or summer houses on the route (no bedding)

1239 PLN/per person     1029 PLN/child under 12*
LUX Option – accommodation in Villa Skomanda hotel (SZOT Base) in Augustów
*child with parents in one room

1109 PLN/per person**
LUX Option – accommodation in summer house - SZOT Base in Augustów
** 4 people in summer house
849 PLN/per person       719 PLN/child under 12
STANDARD Option – campsite accommodation


  • seat in a double SZOT Comfort kayak with equipment (paddles, life vests, soft seats)
  • preferred accommodation
  • board (breakfast and dinner) - child under 12/half portion
  • lifeguard / instructor care
  • transportation of people and kayaks from Augustów /SZOT Base/ to Wigry
  • campfire with sausages
  • the Wigierski National Park fee
  • daily kayaker’s luggage transport
  • daily transport of people to and from the Villa Skomanda / summer house in Augustów (option LUX)
  • insurance (AXA cover up to 5000 PLN)
Car park for kayakers' convenience - free of charge.
Disscount for regular guests.


  • lock fees - on Augustów's Canal (8 locks on the trail) - approx. 4,10 PLN/kayak/ till 16.00 and approx. 8,20 PLN/kayak/ after 16.00.
  • renting SINGLE kayak or kayaking in one-person - 55 PLN
  • renting single kayak CAROLINA - 70 PLN
  • renting double Prjion Cruiser II/Vista/Horizon (polythene kayak) - 20 PLN/per person
  • extra pay for single room/summer house - COMFORT option - 150 PLN/per trip
  • renting an igloo tent – 89 PLN/per trip
  • renting a foam mattress – 12 PLN/per trip
  • renting a waterproof bag / barrel – 18 PLN/per trip
  • town tax - LUX option - 10 PLN/person
  • sauna – about 100 PLN/per group
  • available to purchase in the SZOT office: maps, waterproof mobile phone cases, sport gloves, sun hats and raincoats.


  • If you want to spend your free time in an active way, you are more than welcome to join us and become a kayaker! No matter how old or fit you are, our kayakers are of different age and shape. They are families with children or students, couples and those kayaking on their own. Simply everyone who just wishes to spend his free time actively, in fresh air and surrounded by beautiful nature. Anyone who wants to meet new people, looks for an adventure and enjoys spending free time with family or friends.
  • Health condition of the trip members must enable kayaking trip participation. Kids and teenagers can take part of the kayaking trip only under the care of their parents or guardians.
  • Accommodation – COMFORT Option:2-4 people rooms in agrotourism farms or in 2-4 people summer houses /waterside hostel, without bedding and with bathrooms separated, situated along the water. STANDARD Option: campsites conveniently situated by the guest houses. Facilities available: toilets, showers, and bonfire places. LUX option in Villa Skomanda in Augustów - DBL/TWIN rooms with bathrooms or 4 people summer houses with bathrooms, fridges and terraces. At LUX location also avaliable: playground for children, sauna, shed with bonfire place, bicycles rent all in fenced area.
  • Board – tasty, home-made meals prepared for you on the spot in your agrotouristic lodging or in Villa Skomanda's restaurant. Option LUX – meals served on the track or back in Augustow. The board served throughout the whole kayaking trip time; first service – dinner at the day of arrival , last service – breakfast in the departure day.
  • We provide comfortable and safe double, very stable kayaks SZOT Comfort or fast and agile SZOT Voyager kayaks produced by us. For families of three – with child up to approx. 9 years old, we offer a triple kayak Prijon Cruiser. For 3-person team we offer kayak Tercet. Our kayaks are regularly serviced and after each season we purchase new units.
  • In the afternoons, we often play volleyball, badminton or other team games or we go for short hikes. In the evenings, we integrate by the campfires :) People with music talent: don’t forget to take your instrument with you!
  • Showers on the some campsites in STANDARD Option are paid separately.
  • The event is organized with minimal amount of eight participants.
  • Optional accommodation before or after the trip available in Villa Skomanda hotel.
  • Client's luggage to be transported everyday cannot exceed the weight of 20 kg per person and include large items such as deckchairs etc.
  • You must take with you: a sleeping bag (no bed sheets provided), and in STANDARD Option also a tent and foam mattress (for camping) or rent these in the SZOT Base. It is also good to have a hat, sun lotion, light hiking shoes, warm clothes for the evening, a raincoat (just in case), sport gloves and of course a GOOD MOOD!


Czarna Hańcza and Augustów Canal Papal Route - organized kayaking 4-day trip.
"Paddle and pedal" - 4-day kayaking trip + 2-day bicycle ride.
Rospuda - organized kayaking 5-day trip.
"Through 3 countries" kayak trip - organized trip through Poland - Belarus - Lithuania - 6 days.
Augustowski Canal and City Break in Grodno - kayaking to Belarus + trip to Grodno - 3 days
Czarna Hańcza and Canal Augustowski - Weekend organized trip - 2 days.
It is possible to organize an individual kayaking trip. While choosing this option, it is you and your friends to decide about the route, date of your excursion as well as about all the other services that you may require. Equipment rental prices you can find here.


  • Post-Camaldolian monastery complex with church from 17th century, located near Wigry's lake.
  • Canal Augustówski - hydrotechnical monument, equipped with manually operated locks (14 are located at Polish site, 3 on Belarusian site and one border - Kurzyniec lock. In Poland we have the biggest, double chambered lock - Paniewo (6,40m).
Worth seeing in Augustów:
After You finish Your trip, as a rest, You can choose to swim throught our beautifull lakes with Augustów's Sailing Club. A cruise ship can take You for example, to Studzienniczna. On June 8 1999 Pope Jan Paweł II sailed from Augustów to Studzienniczna at a boat called "Serwy". This boat still sails today, and on the lower deck there is a servant cabin, which the Pope has chosen as his place of concentration and prays during the cruise. On the upper deck there is the first bench in the front at the left side, called the "papal place". Through this cruise, ship stopped two times. First was on the Białe lake in the formet Military Club (currently the Officer's Yacht Club). Second time was in Studzienniczna. In both of those places, people later placed monuments, commemorating those visits. In the first - papal seat, in the second - Pope descending to land.
  • Zygmunt Augusts' Market - with Collumn of King Zygmunt II August - the founder of the town.
  • Smaller Basilica - three-naved neonorman's Church, located at 3rd May street (1906-1911)
  • Museum of Augustowski Canal - located in historical wooden residence of Gen. Ignacy Prądzyński - administration office from the Canal's construction period, and Department od the Museum of the Augustów Land, dedicated to the construction of the channel in Augustów.
  • Augustów Lock - build in years 1825-1826.
  • Amphitheater - build in 2013, located next to Necko lake, near to the town beach.
  • Water ski lift at Necko lake.

 Feel invited for kayaking trips with passion!

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We also posses Tourist Organiser Insurance AXA TUiR S.A. 04.206.802.

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